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Our services are flexible, we aim to provide 150 % satisfaction and that means… we want to make sure we are meeting you where you are.

We want your experience to be the very best anyone or team could offer. How do we do that is by listening to you and checking in with you to make sure we are on the same page.

Southern Oregon Homes wants to work in whatever capacity you need. Sometimes, that may be taking the reins completely showing you exactly what needs to be done step by step. And sometimes, it may be just enough guidance to accomplish your goals without too much over shadowing. We want to be respectful and at the same time helpful.


If we are helping you sell your home, this may include, staging your home
to showcase your home’s best features. We may bring in some items that will add additional color or that will capture your home’s beautiful lines.

We think that great real estate listings are like great books and when listing with us, we aim to capture vision and imagination so that your listing compels them to see your home as their own and therefore they make an offer to purchase.

And when we create a beautiful real estate listing, we aim to have it speak to enthusiastic buyers. We do this with strategic marketing that sets your home apart from other listings. This methodical and strategic application gets them to drive by to see the property, call and attend the very next open house..

We believe your listing is your calling card and that calling card should elicit action.. So, when we create your listing, we think of each aspect of the property’s description, curb appeal, interior placement of color and home decor as parts of classic narrative or exceptional story. Every tiny detail can set your house in a class of its own.

This helps us focus on the complete picture. a story line that we create in a homebuyer’s mind. And this allows us to create a listing that sets a scene for prospects and convinces them they want that house. Ultimately that is our goal or objective our specialty.

Our Perspective on the essential ingredients for listing your home…

Professional photos;. Real estate photographers put homes in their best light and often use the latest tech for creating virtual tours and drone videos.

Internationally acclaimed and award winning marketing services by Agent Image.
social media and website advertising with Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Trulia, Zillow, Meetup, ActiveRain and NextDoor as well as hundreds of others.

Listing your home on the MLS with detailed and accurate information.
We craft a compelling headline that will get people’s attention.
We believe an attention-getting headline is critical to getting buyer’s attention.
We create a property description highlighting the key features.
We believe that the headline should showcase creative writing skills to help your listing stand out.
We also list any green features, like home energy efficiencies and HERS scores.
We won’t forget distinctive details such as HOA, special features like hardwood floors, views, pool, spa, appliance name brands, property and landscaping features. Include local amenities such as good local schools and any recent upgrades or improvements.
We also will add all the home loan options available
Include your contact information, such as MLS and license number.
We Proof your listing carefully.
We make sure your home has beautiful brochures in a holder attached to home or for sale sign
We also assist with landscape labor; we plant trees and plants, we assist with lawn-care and we will put fresh bark throughout your property for that brand new feel and texture.

We are there for you from the very beginning; before, during and after the transaction closes.

Our 35 years of Real Estate experience allows us to find solutions when problems arise.

We put appraisal packages together for the appraiser to help you get the right price.


Buying a home requires knowing what you want and if you are not sure, we help you explore. We know that buying the right home requires a lot of time and energy. And we know that our experience can streamline and therefore making the process manageable and efficient.
When we are helping you find the right home for you and yours, we again go the extra mile wanting to give your 150 % of our energy and focus. We list everything you are looking for in a home from what is most important to less important but still desired.
Our Perspective when buying your first or your next home
It all starts with a conversation, call us to schedule an appointment. You can also text 541-261-3705.
We will discuss the details of your move and your expectations. .We can help you explore lenders and discuss your optimal purchase price range and monthly payment needs and desires. We can go over preferred areas, cities and neighborhoods to help us help you find the best home in the right area and in the right city and in the right neighborhood and on the right street for you and yours.
We feel that choosing the right home is like choosing the right person, we carefully explore every aspect of the process, because we want to make sure that you are extremely satisfied with your purchase.

You can call or text 541-261-3705.